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Our Staff
Shelby De Leon, Ossining Physical Therapist & Owner
Shelby De Leon
Dr. Shelby De Leon is a physical therapist who graduated with honors from her doctorate program. She is very dedicated in the field of rehabilitation, and is genuinely concerned about the well being of patients that are under her care. Her compassion and knowledge are what endears her to patients. 
Ayam De Leon, Ossining Physical Therapist & Owner
Ayam De Leon
Dr. Ayam De Leon is a physical therapist who graduated with high honors in his doctorate studies. Having more than 2 decades of diverse experiences, he specializes in early intervention/pediatrics and orthopedics. He is driven to help his community get healthier and he is focused on educating his patients about improving their health and living pain-free.
Our Practice


Helping people was the driving force that led Ayam into the medical field. When he opened his first clinic with his wife, Shelby, they made sure that the business side of it always took a backseat to helping people get better.


As the practice grew, they made sure that the other therapist and support personnel that they employed shared the same ideals and enthusiasm in helping people have a better quality of life.


Our clinic focuses on getting our patients the help and support they need to get their health and quality of life back. They ensure their patient's success by providing personalized, on-on-one care of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises along with educating them on their condition.


Latest Clinic News:


We are thrilled to be launching our new website to help the Ossining community connect with our products and services.

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