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We offer a wide range of phyiscal therapy and wellness  services.


Some examples of services provided are:

Ossining Physical Therapy Equipment


Recover from:

  • Work Accident
  • Surgery
  • Sports Injury
  • Simple Wear & Tear
Our services can be provided in Spanish or English.

Pain Management

Suffering from back or neck pain, joint pain or arthritis? With any pain, we focus on the root cause of the issue and develop a plan to reduce and manage your pain.

Pre & Post Surgical Care

Whether prepping for surgery or recovering from a successful procedure, we develop a recovery plan to help you regain your mobility, strength and function.

Cardiac & Stoke Rehabilitation

Cardiac episodes and stokes are serious health challenges that require a supportive team during rehabilitation. We are seasoned in both and help you recover to your best ability.

Amputee Rehabilitation

Amputee rehabilitation takes a special set of skills and focus. We are well versed in the needs and have the ability to support you on your journey forward.

Balance Training

A range of factors can cause difficultly maintaining a stable and upright position.  We work with you to develop a plan to help reduce the likelihood of falls by improving mobility, strength and fitness. 

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Ossining Physical Therapy Exam Room
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